Thursday, July 14, 2011

Graffiti Art Tour Of Miami On Vespas

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Graffiti was once considered a sign of urban decay, the sort of thing that might keep tourists away from a neighborhood. Now, not only is it an accepted art form, but it's also the subject of a new tour in one of Miami's trendiest neighborhoods, Wynwood, where legal outdoor murals by graffiti artists cover the walls near art galleries and restaurants.

The two-hour tour – which takes place on Vespas – is offered by a company called Roam Rides. It starts with a 15-minute ride from Miami Beach over the Venetian Causeway to the Wynwood Arts District, considered the mecca of Miami's emerging arts scene, and includes four or five stops to survey the area's best graffiti. The tour ends with lunch at a happening Wynwood restaurant.

Shoooot, we’re in! 

[Source: AP/The Huffington Post; Images: AP]

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