Personally Schubert

My notes; thoughts to remember:
[5/17/11 - 11:35pm - LA, CA] - My stomach feels weird. I’m laying in bed writing this post listening to ‘Sweet Talk’ by Kito feat. Reija Lee and I’m feeling restless. So - I thought about this quote (above) that was my Facebook status the other day and I just loved what a great and easy reminder that one little sentence can be. Sometimes we look before we jump and kiss a good new friend. Honesty is key. It’s everything. really. Tell someone how you feel about the situation before things go too far. You don’t wanna be “that guy” that lead him on, do you? ;)  
Cheers to a brilliant summer! xss 
[6/2007 - Berlin, Germany]
[10/10 - LA, CA]
[11/20/10 - 10:05pm - LA, CA]
[11/24/10 - 10:55pm LA,CA]