Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gay LA: Struggling Artists vs. Social Climbers

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In an industry all about "who you know," more and more struggling gay artists are sinking to new levels of depravity in order kick star their careers. 

When your chance of making that one vital connection to possibly begin it all can be highly based on being at the right place at the right time, gay artists in Los Angeles tend to get a little ahead of themselves in attempt to make things happen.

Now a days, the world of struggling gay artists has taken the sleeze-factor to a whole new level. 

Take a green unknown gay actor we’ve recently encountered for example. The mid-twenties fresh faced talent appeared sincere and adorably charming on an early impression yet was too eager for his own good in reality. When the new shirtless stud appeared on the mini-West Hollywood entertainment circuit with the debut of his new gay indie film, many were saying, “mmmm, whose that?!” Didn’t take long after the low budget flick debuted that the actors desperation for fame and attention grew more rapid than a destructive heroin addiction.

The aspiring artist began approaching powerful directors, agents, publicists and It-promoters in attempt to speed up his hopeful rise to the A-list. From one one night stand to the next, the actor chased cocaine, sex, and fame while completely discrediting himself as a professional and human being. 

Shortly after the gay-glory role that gained the actor all sorts of attention, the same community he thought he had won over began to turn on him. Rumor after scandalous rumor began to expose the social climbing actor on popular gay gossip blog WeHo Confidentialnot to mention good ol' word of mouth.

Not at good start at all. 

Something for striving gay artists (who already face numerous odds against them) to remember is that it’s one thing to go out on the town for dinners, mixers and happy hour for networking purposes. It’s another to go out with someone you see as a golden opportunity and end the night with meaningless sex in hopes of opening a few doors. 

Another thing to remember is that gays gossip more than the cattiest of girls and in West Hollywood, the juiciest of dirt gets around quicker than the biggest trick. 

So - if you have any hopes of building a reputable career as an entertainer, think twice about your approach. 

Now, moving on from boys who trade BJ's for cocaine and anal play for red carpet invites, take rising singer-songwriters Ryan Boone, Trevor Page and Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes. All three guys, who are rumored to be boy-friendly (nothing confirmed), have rising careers stemming for pure talent and good ol' fashion work ethic.

Boone, Page and Haynes are undeniably sexxxy yet make a point to remain under the radar, holding respectable images with promising futures. 

Good for you, boys! 

To the rest - take note! 


Brent said...

Welcome to HOllywood.

Anonymous said...
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Dylan said...

It’s so true. There are so many people in this town that think they can just fuck their way to the top. No one wants to put in work anymore. I just saw that guy Trevor Page perform at Here Lounge. He was pretty incredible actually. It was mellow but you can tell that if he were in the right hands he would be everywhere. Haynes and Boone are fucking hotties. They could pretty suck a good one and make it right to the top but the fact that they do their thing (talent) and are on the rise is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

you must be talking about Aaron Milo? the poor kid. he's really made a mess in town.

Anonymous said...

I love Trevor Page!

Anonymous said...

Nicely put. Its sad that people still do stoop that to that level as a way to get ahead.

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