Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lady Gaga Gives “Embarrassingly Drunk” Adam Lambert The Boot From Her Birthday Bash

They’re still new blood in terms of pop royalty, but Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert undoubtedly rule today’s modern pop scene. Both young, bold and extremely talented, the sinisters didn’t tango so well this past Sunday (March 27) at Gaga’s 25th birthday bash in downtown L.A.

Accordingly to MSN Wonderall, Lambert, 29, wasn’t even invited to the bash but attended as a guest of the Scissor Sisters, a music act opening for Gaga’s current tour. 

A source tells the Morning Dish of the incident: 
“Adam showed up beyond drunk” 
“Super sloppy embarrassingly drunk!”
Man, the worst! Unfortunately for Adam, just being “sloppy” wasn’t all he managed to pull off. 

Apparently, Lambert was fist pumping so hard that he punched a hole in the ceiling of La Cinta Bar where Gaga’s intimate surprise party was held. After that, he went on to shove dolls from Gaga’s birthday cake into her mouth which was followed by Adam attempting to upstage her impromptu performance as if he were auditioning for American Idol all over again. Adam was eventually removed from the fete by the birthday girls security detail. 

Although we normally wouldn’t suggest such an act of violence but it sure sounds like someone deserves a kick in the nuts!

Easy on the booze, y’all! #UBoozeULose 

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Anonymous said...

this shit is too funny! idiot.

RONNA said...


Anonymous said...

Check out the facts:E! has already refuted the rumor-Gaga never kicked him out. Drunk? Probably, as well as most at the party.

D said...

He was TOTALLY removed from this party! I was there, Schubert. ;-)

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