Sunday, April 3, 2011

In or Out: Leopard Pumps, Booties, etc.

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Fashion “It” girls like Jennifer LopezKristin CavallariVictoria Beckham and Kate Moss are ladies that help put the leopard pump back on the map. Some say the leopard pump is the new signature shoe; the new black. Others say, “so last season!” 

We’ve actually had many tweets asking about this one so here are our thoughts. 

Trends can be hard to keep up with, especially on a budget as most of us are. If you already bought Kristin’s Prada heels or Kate’s Louboutins you can totally still rock them! Unless you’re walking a carpet or expecting to be papped, you’re totally good for at least two more seasons. Still a super cute look! 

Shopping on a budget you never want to splurge on items like leopard booties though. As cute as they are these trends are typically just a fad and will pass sooner than later. 

And no one wants to be stuck with a pair of $2000 “so last season” heels, right?! As pretentious and corny as that may sound, it’s true and we mean it for the sake of your wallet.  

What do YOU think?

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Anonymous said...

PASSSSS!!! I agree, they’re cute but a good pair is expensive and they’re already an old look.

Chelsea said...

They are so so so CUTE! I have a pair from Steve Madden and they weren’t too expensive. Love them!

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