Friday, July 15, 2011

Marc Jacobs President Robert Duffy Caught Taking His Clothes Off On Video

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A screen grab of Robert Duffy from the video.
Video Of Robert Duffy Taking His Clothes Off At Marc Jacobs Office Pulled Down As Quickly As It Surfaced

Marc Jacobs International is in the middle of a lawsuit filed by a former employee who says he was fired for objecting to company president Robert Duffy forcing employees to pole dance and look at gay porn. 

While the company denied the allegations, evidence of awkward workplace behavior has surfaced — such as when Duffy started tweeting and posted photos of dudes in the office lifting their shirts to expose their torsos. Though those photos have been taken down, a new video of Robert Duffy taking his clothes off in the stockroom while "working up a sweat" was posted to the official Marc Jacobs YouTube channel today. Apparently after Fashionologie blogged it, once again reminding everyone about the lawsuit — as if allegations of forced office pole dancing are so hard to forget — the company ripped it down. Before that happened, the Huffington Post put up some screen grabs of Duffy doing his thing. 

Taking one's clothes off in the stockroom may not be the best idea, but at least Duffy's got the body for it. Or shall we say, the bod for it. That is totally a bod.

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[Source: NYMag; Article: Amy Odell]


Leo said...

what an idiot. it’s people like that that abuse their power and ruin it for themselves.

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