Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Demi Moore Hospitalized For Reported Substance Abuse, Drops Out Of 'Lovelace'

Demi Moore
We were afraid of this... 

Demi Moorefollowing her hospitalization Tuesday night, has dropped out of the film Lovelace.

Moore is officially seeking professional help for exhaustion but is rumored to have a substance abuse problem. TMZ reports that the actress will no longer feature in the biopic of former porn star Linda Lovelace; Moore was set to play a small role as feminist activist Gloria Steinem, who took a very public stance against pornography.

Amanda Seyfried will star as Lovelace and Peter Sarsgaard as Lovelace's ex-husband and porn production manager Chuck Traynor. James Franco will play Hugh Hefner in a small role, while Hank Azaria in December signed on to play Jerry Damiano, the director of Deep Throat.

Last seen in the ensemble financial drama Margin Call and the Sam Levinson-directed drama Another Happy Day, Moore will next be seen alongside Miley Cyrus in the comedy "LOL.”

[Source/Article: Huffington Post]

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