Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paris Hilton Graces ‘Vanity Fair’ Spain Cover

There she is! Where ya been, P? 

The original Kim Kardashian famous-for-being-famous “It” girl, Paris Hilton, seems to be laying low lately (or more than we remember), but she’s front and center and looking magnificent for the January cover of Vanity Fair Spin. 

From the issue: 
Her name has become a global brand and each of their movements is followed by millions of fans. She wants to build an empire. Paris is not only the most rebellious of the Hilton family but is poised to become the richest. “I’m open to my fans. I tell them my life on Twitter.  I love Spain, it’s a fun country, the people are warm and alive. Ibiza is my favorite place to go party.” 
We miss you, P! 

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