Friday, December 30, 2011

Meryl Streep Talks About Opening New Women’s History Museum

Meryl Streep
Inspired by her close grandmother, who was alive prior to the passing of the 19th amendment, Meryl Streep is leading efforts in a $400 million women’s history museum project in Washington D.C.

Thanks to Meryl Streep, The National Women’s History Museum will share history herstory of ladies from the past. A past that would not allow women to vote, let alone have a voice.

She explains
"History until the 20th century was written by one member of the human family and it wasn't the mother. It was dad. That's who wrote history and ... what was important? Movements of armies, sovereignty of nations, all sorts of things. But women were there all along and they have incredible stories that we don't know anything about."
Interesting. Now we’re intrigued... 

Meryl, who plays Margret Thatcher in the upcoming film The Iron Lady, donated $1 million to the project and gladly serves as it’s public face. 

While the museum’s plans must still be approved by congress, a bill allowing construction of the project has been passed by the House and Senate.

Can’t wait to see how it comes together. 

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