Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Britney Spears: “Unplugged” ‘He About To Lose Me’ Mix Hits Web

Ever wonder what a Britney Spears MTV Unplugged performance would sound like? Well, in a new ‘He About To Lose Me' mix that hit the web, stems of Brit’s voice are used with a mellow instrumental, giving it a new smooth, sexy side the pop tarts music.

The mix gives insight on what Brit might sound like if she were to actually perform a raw, unplugged version of the track. 

We love it and think B-nasty should really consider doing something of the sort and SOON! What do y'all think? 

[Source: SoundCloud]


Anonymous said...

omg i loveeee

Anonymous said...

Sounds better than she actually would.

Taylor said...

Wow, this is impressive.
I wonder if she would sound like this. I think so though because how could they completely make her voice?

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