Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fox: "Jerry Maguire's" Jonathan Lipnicki Has Grown Up (And Done A Really Gay Photo Shoot)

D'you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?
D'you know how much a human head weighs when a muscle-y 21-year-old guy sits on it?
We ask only because this ab-tastic little creature (and we feel a little dirty as we type that) is none other than sweet little Jonathan Lipnicki from the Tom Cruise— "You complete me..."— movie Jerry Maguire.
WHAT? When did he grow up? And grow THAT body? And... and... WHAT?
Sexy site popped up with these photos on Monday (November 7th). They got them from the Oh No They Didn't! blog, which in turn got them from a Jonathan Lipnicki UK fan forum. Because such a thing DOES exist, evidently. After all that searching we couldn't find what the photos are from, why they're so homo-erotic, and what the little sparky stud is doing right now for work. But we are happy they exist. Check them out, and find a link to more goodness.

[Source/Images:; Article: Joe Thompson]

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