Monday, October 17, 2011

Britney Spears Premieres ‘Criminal’ Music Video

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Hot damn! 

Still going strong and looking incredible, Britney Spears premiered a new music video for her latest single Criminal. A video that has the mother of two showing a whole lotta skin. 

The hot new mini-film features Spears and real-life boyfriend Jason Trawick as a Bonnie & Clyde duo who fall lustfully in love, rob a convenience store and drift off into the sunset. 

Quite different than the drawn out choreography routines we’re used to but we’ll go along with a little change, B.

Check it out! 

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molly said...

This is a great video. I think she should have used someone other than her real bf though. Its like its harder to take the video serioulsy when its her real bf

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