Thursday, September 15, 2011

Music Muse: Sherman Elli

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Sexy and quick with his hands, guitar prodigy Sherman Elli is one hot stage fixture. 

When he’s not neck deep in a recording studio, breaking pretty hearts, or touring the globe with The Veronicas, Sherman Elli keeps it sexy in NYC. The New York bread rocker is a master of his craft and has been strumming those chords since grade school and touring by the time he hit high school.

Sherm tells us: 

“My first international tour was through South East Asia in 2005. I was on the go with Marion Raven and I loved it." 

When an artist can spend months in a recording studio working on the same project, Eli-ella-ey-ey says the absolute best part of it all “is playing live.”

And the boy can rock a stage!

Having just spent a month in LA working with The Veronicas as they prep for the release of their highly anticipated third album, Sherm’s also working with New York based group Exes of Evil.

The boy’s nonstop and too hot to quit. 

To grab music from Exes of Evil ft. Shermanelliclick here!

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Helen said...

he's hott!!! and funny thing is that his name sherman makes him even hotter. i <3 sexy boys!!!!

Anonymous said...

love how he plays his bass <3

Ray said...

I saw him in LV one time I think. He really cute.

Paul said...

What ever did happen to the "rock star?" we had bon jovi, the stones but now everthing is so electronic. let us know when/where we can watch him play. i'd like to check it out.

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