Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rihanna Gets 'Loud' On Her Latest World Tour

By Karina KuraniChad Schubert
Music, Review:
Rihanna is currently on tour in support of her fifth album “Loud.” The critically acclaimed show is without doubt a show you don’t want to miss. 

To correctly start things off “Loud," the pop diva enlisted up and coming rapper J.Cole and five-time Grammy nominee B.o.B as opening acts. Each taking the stage for about forty minutes, J.Cole performed singles “Who Dat”, “Blow up”, and the smash hit off his Friday Night Lights mix tape, “In the Morning.” B.o.B. kicked the energy level up a notch with his hit “Beast Mode” as well as his chart toping single “Airplanes.” 

Shortly after the two opening acts, it was the moment the entire stadium had been waiting for... Rihanna was about to take the spotlight. From the moment she stepped onto the stage, the crowd rose to their feet and stayed standing until the very end.

The Bajan beauty kicked off the night with her first single 
off the “Loud” album, “Only Girl” (In The World), which was a perfect choice to really spike the crowds energy. The show continued with “Disturbia” and kept the crowd buzzing with excitement from there. RhiRhi hits like “Please Don’t Stop The Music” and “S&M” were accompanied by excellent choreography; the entire stadium was dancing, dancing, dancing. Fan favorite ballads “Unfaithful” and one of her latest singles, “California King Bed,” were also included in the nights line up. 

In case there’s any question as to weather or not Rihanna sings live, we assure you she does. The girl sang live the entire show proving wrong anyone who has said her vocals are weak.

To get a little closer to her audience, Rihanna came down an alleyway which cut directly into a sea of fans. 

With the use of multiple screens, floating & moving floors, smoke machines and fireworks, this concert was without doubt over the top. Then again, what else would you expect from Princess RhiRhi? The costumes, the colors, the explosions - the production screamed “LOUD.” RhiRhi also knows how to pick all the right clothes, that’s for sure! Throughout the show there were four costume and set changes, all very different, bold and “LOUD.”
At the beginning of the show the singer wore a flash blue jacket and neon pink heels with a colorful, dazzling swim suit underneath. I mean, let’s face it, the girl can rock anything she wants and never fails to look incredible! For her performance of “Love The Way You Lie,” Rihanna wore a gold mini-dress which looked absolutely stunning on her. 

Appropriately enough, RhiRhi used a car for her performance of “ Shut Up and Drive,” a prop decision that had some critics speculating weather or not she ripped off the idea from Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” tour in 2009. Regardless of any speculation, the prop was used and designed completely different from Gaga’s 2009 tour.

For the “LOUD" grand finale, Rihanna performed one of the biggest hits of her career, “Umbrella.” The finale performance was complete with confetti, a startling explosion, and the loudest screaming crowd you’d ever heard. 

Overall, the entire presentation was well organized, rehearsed and played out. Judging by the level of excitement and energy in the crowd, the fans got what they expected and more. No one left disappointed. 

Besides the obvious fact that Rihanna is both beautiful and talented, she’s also very charismatic which makes her captivating to watch.

The Loud Tour will blow your mind, so hurry up and get your tickets for upcoming dates. It will be an experience you won’t forget!

Want to see Rihanna live on the road? Click here for tickets! 


Lacy said...

i saw her recently and she was excellent

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Great review! Thanks for sharing!!!

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What a wonderful review of Rihanna's latest world tour. Its very interesting and entertaining. It gives us readers who have never been to one of Rihanna's concerts, want to go with this great and informational review.
Thanks a lot for the amazing review Karina.

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