Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Princess Diana & Kate Middleton Together On Erie 'Newsweek' Cover

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The latest issue of Newsweek is breaking boundaries, maybe even going a little too far, with their latest cover featuring the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, happily walking alongside deceased mother-in-law, Princess Diana

A sight that Prince William can only dream of, Newsweek has produced a shockingly realistic image of the Prince's new bride walking, chatting, and laughing side by side the beloved mother he tragically lost fourteen years ago. 

The cover was done as a milestone tribute to the late Princess Di, who was killed in a devastating 1997 car crash, as she would turn 50 this coming Friday (July 1st). Fourteen years later, Newsweek master-photoshoppers create an aged Diana, suggesting what the late Princess would look like shall she still be alive today.

Tina Brown of Newsweek says of the topic
The rising public adoration of Kate would have afforded Diana some tricky moments. Pleased, yes. But, like Frances Shand Kydd--who, days before Diana's wedding, suddenly burst out, "I have good long legs, like my daughter"--Diana would have had to adjust to a broadening of the limelight. Her edge over Kate, of course, was her own epic of princessly suffering, which would always make Diana's story more interesting. ("Happily ever after" will never have the same allure to the press as "It all went horribly wrong.") Diana, rejoicing in her flawless Spencer pedigree, would have positioned herself as a firm defender of the Middletons against the palace snobs and ostentatiously made Carole Middleton, Kate's dynamic mother, her new BFF.
You know, we're sure Newsweek was just aiming to give the public what they thought they wanted but took it a wee bit too far. The cover is erie, morbid and in poor taste.

We feel for you, William & Kate! 

What do you think? 

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Liza said...

This is so wrong! I can't believe they would do this. Those boys will be so effected by this especially William. Sad sad sad.

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