Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Model Cries On Runway During Paris Men's Fashion Week

A Model Cried on the Runway at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Poor guy!

An adorable, young child model appeared to be crying as he held hands with an adult-sized model in the Smalto fashion show during Paris Men's Fashion Week. 

While his cuteness will definitely earn this tiny tot hefty paychecks in the fashion biz, it's SUMMER and he's a just a boy - let him play! We hope he at least gets ice cream and a trip to Disneyland after this!
[Source: NY Mag]


Anonymous said...

awww, poor little dude.

Dissertation Writing said...

This little boy looks so cute.. he really look like a model..

I Hurt I Am In Fashion said...

This unfortunate incident occurred when one Epsilon child got mixed up with the rest of Alphas and Betas.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this kid feel so nervous that turn him to cry. We know the feeling in front of the crowd and when people is staring at you. By the way you did a great job love the men suits.

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