Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Favorite! ‘Invisible Light’ By Scissor Sisters

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Can’t get enough!

Ana Matronic and Jake Sheers, aka Scissor Sisters, are one adorable pair. Their gig is comedic, playful, and sometimes too gay to function, yet music from the Scissor Sisters is legitimate, modern-sexy and professional. 

The third single, ‘Invisible Light, off the singing duos third studio album, Night Work, released in the fall of 2010. The track makes you want to bounce like a fool and dance like a dervish!

With summer about to burst into full effect, we’ll need an ultimate summer 2011 mix, making ‘Invisible Light’ a playlist must have. 

Check out the electric energy of the Scissor Sisters:

Click HERE to snag ‘Invisible Light’ and the rest of the Night Work album; she’s an amazing one!

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Marti said...

WOW! They're great! Thanks for sharing. I had never heard of them. DOWNLOADING! xoxox

Anonymous said...

theyre so hot!

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