Monday, March 14, 2011

Web Muse: Rock Chouinard

Exclusive!, Muse: 
Edgy as he is beautiful, Rock Chouinard has been on our radar for months now. With his boyish good looks and classic androgynous sex appeal, the Qubec-based stud is all things aMUSEing.

With sights set on sunny California, the fashion forward fox recalls when his eye for fashion first triggered. Rock tells
“I started hosting my first party, which was one of Montreal's biggest ‘trashy’ nights, at Saphir club on St-Laurent Blvd. My eye for fashion started then.”
Youthful and alluring, the 22-year-old fresh faced model possesses the rare ability to steal a spotlight every time he’s photographed. The hair, the style, the photogenic charisma - Rock Chouinard simply leaves you wanting more. 

Still green to the world of modeling, Rock has merely dabbled in an industry that so clearly seems to be his destiny. On the topic of fashion inspiration, he tells us:
"I don’t really look up to people when it comes to fashion. I do allow myself to be influenced by the current trends a little (like army boots), but I usually just dress how the f*ck I want. I go to thrift stores and buy cheap stuff, it’s always the best finds.”  
Schubert Says Q&A with... Rock Chouinard

SS: Describe your personal style: 

RC: I would describe my personal style as  a minimalist/ black & white (black skinnys / white tee) type of guy. Then mix that with a little bit of rock/grunge: black army boots with leather-like black pants, black shirt. Boring, I know. 

SS: You’re incredibly marketable and would make an exquisite fashion muse. Are you currently working in the industry? 

RC: I’ve been in and out of the modeling industry for almost a year now. I’ve been focusing on the future a bit, since I use to only live for the moment. I went back to school, so I’m living in one of my moms guest rooms and trying to get my damn GED.  

SS: Tell us about your nights at Saphir Club in Montreal and how that started the Rock love: 

RC: I wouldn’t be scared to wear excentric outfits and poor alcohol down peoples throats. haha! Everyone was there so, it sorta started when photographers started taking pictures of me for an event, then it ended up being a contract and me doing huge advertisement billboards by French/Canadian highways. Then I ended up being a model for new upcoming clothing brands which were featured on buses and bus stops and newspapers. I wasn’t paid much but it was exposure I thought at the time. 

SS: What happened next? 

RC: I then got sick. I had Bell’s palsy, it’s like half of ur face paralyzed. It can last for ever but lucky enough I fully recovered! :-) That was about a year ago when I figured beauty isn’t all there is. I needed to put myself in a challenge and not just think about serviving with another photo shoot for next months rent. haha

We agree. Beauty isn’t necessarily all there is.  

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