Friday, March 4, 2011

Hollywood Muse Lindsay Lohan Continues To Spiral

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Hollywood menace and our favorite headline grabber, Lindsay Lohan, brings her “baggage" wherever she goes. Unfortunately, it looks like Lindsay’s antics are finally catching up to her, one after another. 

Once again, the Hollywood sinister is going head-to-head with the law, but this time, on felony grand theft charges. With accusations of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store and being on probation, things aren’t looking so well for madam Lohan. 

As many wait and anticipate LL’s sentencing, many forget that there’s a young girl in trouble here. A young girl that hasn’t had a “typical” life. With adolescent parents that see the world in a much dimmer light than she does, the odds were already against Lindsay. 
According to the Chicago Sun Times, the 24-year-old’s stress is so high friends worry her "sobriety is in jeopardy.” Clearly the fact that father Michael Lohan joined “Celebrity Rehab” didn’t help the starlets situation with an already full plate. 
Furthermore, the Sun Times reports that Lindsay went “ballistic” after being barred from Madonna and Demi Moore’s co-hosted post-Oscar party at agent Guy Oseary’s L.A. home last Sunday night. 

While LL was not invited, she made an appearance anyway, clearly forgetting an alleged dis that was made on her behalf on the material girl several years ago. 

Low blows to Madonna aren’t anything anyone wants to do. Even you, Linds. 

Notable supporters like Dr. Drew and Charlie Sheen have more than expressed their concern for the young actress. Drew took to his official twitter page saying: 
“ I am mortified how Lindsay Lohan is getting attacked when she is so fragile in just establishing her sobriety.” 
So true! 

Extra TV, who sat down exclusively with Lindsay yesterday (March 2nd), says that she’s anxious to get back to work but knows that it’s going to be tough to gain Hollywood’s trust back again. 

You can do it, boo!


Riley said...

shes an idiot!

Nancy Auch said...

I feel sorry for her. Her parents suck and she has no idea how to be a decent human being.

Anonymous said...

i love lindsay, shut up

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