Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Horoschope: November 2010


Secretive Scorpio what a year you’ve had!  Challenges remain, but like always, you will rise out of the rubble and dust yourself off.  Even though you switch on auto-pilot and perform through a crisis better than most, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll make it out unscathed.  Life leaves marks; tend to the wounds before the infection sets in.
Lately you’ve been vacillating between navel-gazing and ebullient superficiality.  All this back and forth is a waste of energy and getting on the nerves of all those around you.  That negative loop of self-flagellation will cease when you pull it together and see things through.
Seriously, do you think the consequences of your actions will never catch up to you?  Geography won’t save you from having to face the harsh truth.  You can run, but you can’t hide.  Handle your biznass before the year is up or it will haunt you through the next several.
You are the one with all the big ideas; many are brilliant and revolutionary.  Consider how fear and lack of focus keep you from following through and bringing your vision to fruition.  Honestly, part of the problem is you talk too much.
Intoxicating intense passion is your most swoon-worthy quality, but melancholia is much less attractive after twenty-five.  While we all appreciate your dreamy, spacey nature, you must balance this with structure, or you will drown.  You have the most to lose.
Little slutty Aries, you mean no harm, but impulsive decisions have resulted in negative consequences for you more than once.  It requires a tremendous amount of discipline to rein in your fire; if you aren’t capable of exercising self-control, find an honest, level-headed friend to second guess your recklessness.
Others enjoy luxuriating in your company and you are an excellent friend.  However, one-upping is a very unattractive quality, and you get very competitive.  Look at the trail of relationship destruction in your wake if you need proof (which of course, you do).
Folks rely on you for your exacting eye for detail.  While you like feeling needed, you wrestle with resentment.  If you’re so burnt out, just say “no.”  Realize however, asserting boundaries will compromise your ability to play the long-suffering martyr.
When your routines are disrupted you lose your fucking mind, yet in the grand scheme, you are pretty adaptable.  It is small inconsistencies that too easily ruin your day.  Change is the only inevitability.  Can you let go of some of that attachment?
Even though you are the most charismatic and loved sign of the zodiac, the phrase “too big for your britches” was invented for Leo ilk.  Remember, false bravado does little to mask palpable insecurity, and name-dropping comes off as patently desperate.
Recently, you have been like a fish in a net struggling itself to death.  The more you fight, the more exhausted you become.  Apart from dropping on the pillow bone-tired every night, how’s this life strategy working out for you?
November demands clear communication and unequivocal expression of your true feelings.  Libras might find this challenge damn near impossible since you’re prone to people pleasing.  You don’t always have strong views on everything, but on those issues you hold dear, don’t compromise.
[Source: Demeter Clarc]

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