Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hate in Church?
God hates Lady Gaga?

What would you say about ANY church that promotes HATE and openly admits to hating a group of people? Sounds like the sick twisted minds of "church goers" with a major demon issue. Hate is demonic and against anything God and Jesus EVER stood for. So the folks at the Westboro Baptist "Church" aka, wow, reality check people, you are doing the work of SATAN so I will tell you this, the Big Firey Man running hell below, you know, YOUR GOD, Lucifer, he is very very proud of your work. So hats off to you for pleasing the nastiest bastard in spirit existence. It takes a nasty group of people to do that.
Your recent press release titled, "God Hates 'Lady' Gaga," (you all HAVE to read THIS... the funniest thing a "church" and "reverend" could EVER publish!) only personifies your ignorance as "human beings" and shines light on the satanic demons you all hold inside. So keep on hating fags and anyone you don't understand or that you fear, your time will come. You go on and have yourselves a Merry Christmas. :)

p.s. God loves ALL his children..... even the sick and twisted ones, so there's hope for all of you at the Westboro Baptist "Church" of Kansas. ;)

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