Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm am completely proud and excited to say that The United States of America has a brand new, amazing president! Sir. Obama will be taking over the White House in 2009 and we finally have someone with brains in our White House! It's been a while so I'm excited to have someone represent America that wants that same things I want for my people. Congrats Obama and we look forward to our next four years together. Do us well!


Although more than half of Americans voted for Obama for president because they are seeking the same thing most of us are, change, California still manage to let the people down. Prop 8 was a big thing this year on the ballads...... making same sex marriage ILLEGAL. Weather someone is gay or not, to ever vote to take an Americans right away is wrong on so many levels. Do we remember segregation people? To say that two people couldn't marry because they were black? Well, now that we allow black people to marry the same as white people, segregation is BACK! Apparently we're ok with it this time around..... NOW, same sex couples that love each other are "not allowed to marry!" That is so awful. We're taking huge steps back to the days we were so proud to be past. We're still segregating and California, you look completely ignorant and should feel completely shameful. Weather you believe it is right be your religion and your God, remember what it says in the Bible.... TREAT THY NEIGHBOR AS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED! If you don't believe in same sex marriage...DON'T MARRY SOMEONE FROM THE SAME SEX! Wow, that's a lot easier than you thought huh? Good thing someone in this damn state has a brain.

I could go on forever...I would like anyone who voted, "YES ON 8" to watch this video clip from a very wise MSNBC reporter... you shouldn't be hesitant to watch the video if you're confident with your decision on prop 8..... matter of fact, lets all watch this video. He's a brilliant man.


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