Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Does Marc Jacobs Have A New Boyfriend?

It was just a couple days ago that Marc Jacobs was frolicking on a St. Barts beach with ex-fiance Lorenzo Martone. The two spent the day splashing and flirting with one other, appearing very back-on again. But now a Brazilian gossip site is reporting that Jacobs may actually have a new man in his life - porn star Harry Louis (pictured above, right).

While Marc and Lorenzo called off their relationship in the summer of 2010, the two had appeared as chummy as ever while in St. Barts, leaving us to think they were possibly working things out.

Jacobs recently told Vogue Magazine of his relationship with Martone: 
“Yeah, we’re best friends. We speak to each other, I don’t know, six times a day.” 
Okay, so IF Harry actually is Marc’s bf, I don’t know that we'd be so cool with this “best friend/ ex-fiance/ butt beach buddy” situation going on with Lorenzo though... Just sayin. 


Anonymous said...

I simply thinks these are all rumours..I just don't believe on this rumour..


Jennifer said...

Whether this is true or not, I'd feel really weird dating a porn star...

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