Monday, December 19, 2011

The 2nd Anniversary Of Brittany Murphy’s Death Comes With More Mold Drama

It's the two-year anniversary of the death of actress Brittany Murphy and while it's now a tradition for us to honor the actresses life here on, we actually have an UPDATE on the passing of the late screen siren. 

The actress, who's sudden December 20, 2009 death was ruled the result of a combination of pneumonia, anemia and prescription drug intoxication, may actually be the result of toxic mold in the home of Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, who passed away shortly after her in the same Hollywood Hills home. 

Now, new reports claim that the actresses mother, Sharon Murphy, is blaming the death of her late daughter and son-in-law to toxic mold found in the couples home and she's going after her own defense lawyers for this one. 

According to TMZ, Sharon claims that the people who built the house are to blame for the mold that caused their condition but will now be unable to seek justice via lawsuit against the builders. A new lawsuit filed by Sharon alleges she was duped by her own lawyers into giving up her rights to sue the builders for wrongful death.

Apparently Sharon accepted a settlement offer - as advised by her lawyers - for the construction defects back in January. The part Sharon wasn't advised on... that she would never be able to go after the builders for their alleged role in Brittany's 2009 death (if toxic mold or any other defect turned out to be the cause).
Sharon has now hired Michael Marzban to sue her former lawyers for legal malpractice.

Man, oh man, sounds as though Sharon may have a long road ahead of her on this one. 

Good luck, mama Murphy!

As for our beloved Brittany: May you continue to rest in peace regardless of all the mess still surrounding your life exit. You are always in our hearts. xxss



carrie said...

still so so sad

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Anonymous said...

This still makes me so sad. I’ve loved Brittany ever since Clueless and I miss her work so much. Such a bright talent we lost to soon.

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