Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Terry Richardson Gets Balls Out Naked With Male Models During Diesel Shoot

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Mixing business with pleasure, ey Terry? (Guess we'd do the same with these 

Assuming Terry Richardson was on the job while at a Diesel Mexico underwear shoot yesterday, Terry and the models seem to have been doing a little more play than work. While the dashing Diesel boys flashed their branded briefs, Terry flashed a healthy patch of pubes while cupping his "goods." 

According to Fashionista, there have been reports of Terry's 'inappropriate behavior' with past subjects on set where he had apparently whipped out the 'biggest dick' model Jamie Peck had ever seen. 

Richardson has denied any past allegations saying that he's always 'considerate and respectful' of the people he photographs. 

As much as we love Terry, we can see how his "openness" and lack of modesty can be offensive to some. We wouldn't mind though!

What do you think, inappropriate or just having fun?  

[Image: Terry Richardson]

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He's ugly he should put it away!

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