Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Joe Jonas Is Wrapped Up In Britney Spears... Literally!


Last night (October 31st), Joe Jonas  attended a Britney Spears concert at London’s Wembley Arena and got a little more than he was probably expecting.

Yup, she does it at every show - pull a concert-goer on stage for a lil’ lovin’ - and this time around the Jo-bro was that lucky someone.

So how was it for you, Joe? By the look of your face we take it you enjoyed yourself... 


[Image: WENN]


Kier Chu said...

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nice pictures, what did you use to get those pictures?
anyways i think i like your blog because i can get some ideas, thanks for sharing :>

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Photography of a Christian Life

Anonymous said...

what a cute combo too

Heather said...

He looks like he’s really enjoying that!
Britney looks like she’s loving it to though

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