Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Muse of the Moment: Jeremiah Brent

He may be Rachel Zoe’s new “Brad” on Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project but 
Jeremiah Brent is entirely in a league of his own. 

Coming from a background of interior design, the fresh-faced Zoe assistant possesses impeccable style, genuine talent and charm that won’t quit.

The artist, who started crafting and creating at an early age, taught himself to both design and build furniture before going on to establishing his own interior and furniture design firm. 

Pretty impressive, ey? 

Hot, stylish, charming and good with his hands? Sounds like we’ve found our match!

Pre-Zoe, Jeremiah, the interior designer, put this touch of superior taste on everything from home decor to multi-million dollar nightclubs. 

The boy’s a visionary and quite the vision. 

To keep eyes on the one to watch, catch The Rachel Zoe Project Tuesdays 9/8c on Bravo.

[Images via Jeremiah Brent]


Trevnt said...

WOW this boy is sexy!!!!

Anonymous said...

so much cuter than brad!

Marlie said...

Is he gay? He seems so gay. Hot but gay.

Anonymous said...

love this boy

Russ said...

He’s so fucking sexy.
I like boys like this. They look so soft yet manly and sexy.
Beautiful man.

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