Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys: Summer Sets Edition

Photography, Muse: 
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Summer ’11, you’ve been incredible. Until next year... xxss

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[Image credits: Rick Day/NSFW Image; Xevi Muntane; Steven Klein; Willy Vanderperre; Alexi Lubomirski; Simon Harris; Mariano Vivanco; Petrovsky & Ramone, Richard Phibbs; Tony Duran; Twin Shot; Shannan De La Cruz; Tobias Lundkvist; Rodolfo Martinez; Bruce Webster; Mario Testino; Josh McNey; Parker Hurley; Tom Duran; Emmanuel Giraud; Philip Riches; Bruce Weber; Alan Clarlker]


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Holy shit this is an incredible line up of shots. Where do you find your shots?

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