Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kenneth Cole’s ‘Where Do You Stand Campaign’ Tacklets Gay Marriage, War, & Gun Control

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Serious issues in prime focus these days include marriage equality, abortion, war and gun control. Yet no one can seem to agree on any one thing. 

Weather you’re gay, straight or undecided, the person you choose as your life partner shouldn’t involve anyone else. The decision is yours and you should be respected for that, not disregarded. 

Other subjects like war, abortion and gun control are a little more complicated than the no-brainer subject of partner choice.

For the Fall/Winter 2011/12 ad campaign of Kenneth Cole, the label collaborated with director Sean Ellis in order to tackle such issues. Issues that have had the nation divided for decades.

The bold ‘Where Do You Stand’ campaign features models Angela Lindvall and Casey Taylor. 

Way to spread the message, Kenneth! 

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[Images: Kenneth Cole; Source: Homotography]

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Lisa R. said...

This is so great. Kenneth Cole is a great advocate for major life values and I' love that about him.

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