Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photographer Justin Violini Captures Boys Being Boys For The Love of NYC

Photography, Muse: 
All these studly boys galavanting the streets of New York in their chonies sure must have caused quite the ruckus. For the love of NYC, why not? 

While shooting an editorial for the Spring issue of Lash Magazine, photographer Justin Violini had a little fun, capturing a very 'boys will be boys,' I ♥ NYC themed shoot with male models Christop Ribbe, Jim Poole, Erik Sage, Andrew Hulme, and Patricio Quinones.

What a good idea, Violini! 

Now turn these into NYC memorabilia and make some money!  

Click HERE to see more of Justin Violini's super sexy work. 

[Photo credit: Justin Violini]


Anonymous said...

This is so hot!!!! I just need one of these boyz as boyfriend now.

Lauren said...

Cute idea

justin said...

thanks dude

Anonymous said...


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