Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mary-Kate Olsen Spotted ‘Hooking Up’ With Kanye West

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We don’t believe it! 

It was reported that last night (June 8th), while celebrating his 34th birthday at Submercer Nightclub in NYC, rapper Kanye West was spotted “hooking up” with our beloved Mary-Kate Olsen.

As much as we desperately don’t want to believe this one, has exclusively confirmed the alleged news. 

I mean... REALLY?! Who woulda’ pegged these two together?! Still not sure if we buy it though. 




Anonymous said...

she could do so much better. false.

Denise said...

No, no, no! There's just no way. As much as he's not her type, she's even less his type. Come on.

Anonymous said...


Amber said...

No no no. come on!!!! these two never.

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