Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Vampire Diaries of Lindsay Lohan, Tyler Shields & Michael Trevino

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Lindsay Lohan michael trevino vampire tyler shields
Lohan & Shields collaborate on vampire shoot with 'Vampire Diaries’ star Michael Trevino

They’re back at it! Hollywood sinister Lindsay Lohan and notorious celebrity photographer Tyler Shields channel an exotic vampira fantasy with none other than Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino. Dark, messy, and totally sexy - sounds like a date! 

Trevino wore Levi's 511 Skinny Jeans in Black Stretch on set, which ended up dirty, torn and doused in blood. He Tweeted post-shoot:
"Had an awesome shoot with @Tylershields last night... Guess that explains the Blood stains, cuts and bruises, and torn Levis."
Shields says of the shoot:
“Lindsay and I had been wanting to do this vampire shoot for a while and it came together in perfect time for my gallery. Trevino just happened to be in town, it was meant to be!"
Last night (May 9th), Shields hosted an affair for the opening of ‘Life is not a Fairytale,’ a showcase which expressed how the innovative artist has grown as a photographer.
There to lend her support was none other than Shields muse regular, Lindsay Lohan. She tells
“It was crazy, I had him come over to my apartment building and I had a bunch of friends over at the same time, we ended up getting 20 or so people in the pool to pretend that they were dead. We pretty much got the whole party into the pool for the shoot. It was really amazing.”
Oh, ya know, just another day. 

We adore these two together. They’re todays Edie and Andy.
Lindsay Lohan michael trevino
vampire teeth
Lindsay Lohan as a vampire
Lindsay Lohan Michael Trevino
Lindsay Lohan michael trevino vampire kiss
Lindsay Lohan michael trevino vampire death
Lindsay Lohan michael trevino vampire death

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[Image via Tyler Shields]


Eddie said...

This is such a great shoot! I love Tyler Shields' work and i agree they are like the next iconic muse couple.

Anonymous said...

what a hot shoot!

Pam said...

Lindsay can honestly make anything look hot. and I love that Trevino is wearing Levis. Love a mans man.

Anonymous said...

as crazy as lindsay is the girl will never disappoint in a photo shoot. never. the tragic tales of an icon.

Anonymous said...

I think the way that Tyler Shields does he work really makes him stand out in such a great way, don’t you? He’s so creative and let’s not forget, totally adorable.

Might have a little photographer crush. :*

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