Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sebastian Suave & Francisco Lachowski Together for ‘Chaos’ Magazine’s Provocative Issue

Chaos Francisco Lachowski & Sebastian Sauve by Ivan Muselli for <em>Chaos</em>
Put two of fashion’s sexiest models together on the cover and call it The Provocative Issue, why not?

Well, that’s exactly what Chaos Magazine has done. Although it was most likely titled The Provocative Issue before the boys climbed on board - or however it came about - we’re thinkin' it was a pretty good idea. 

Fashion faces Sebastian Suave and Francisco Lachowski, shot by Ivan Muselli, are a “Cause for Chaos” in the latest issue and we’re certainly feelin’ the unique duo. After all, they’re polar opposites in terms of models.


Anonymous said...

So hot together! Love this cover.

Anonymous said...

Loving this great cover too! Chaos is on the map!

Anonymous said...

the edit was titled "causing chaos"

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