Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anna Wintour Wears Chanel To Met Gala; Should She Be Wearing McQueen?

A press release went out announcing that Anna Wintour will be wearing a “sequin embroidered gown” from Chanel’s S/S 2011 haute couture collection to the Met Gala last night (and here she is on the red carpet, right, via @OnGlamFashion – looking incredible). If you’ve been a watcher of Met Gala fashion for a while, you know that she wears Chanel every year. We thought this year might be different. 
It is, after all, a tribute to Alexander McQueen and his legacy. We’re sure tons of attendees will be paying homage to the late designer. Anna is the host of the event, and we kinda hoped she’d wear something from one of his storied collections. 

But she is Anna Wintour, the singular most important person in fashion, and as such, you do as you please. 

So, we were looking forward to seeing her undoubtedly lovely Chanel creation with great excitement.

[Source: Fashionista; Article: Cheryl Wischhover] 


Anonymous said...

she probably should have worn mcqueen.

Anonymous said...

The woman looks amazing and I think that that's all that matters at this point. Amazing bitch!

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