Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look-A-Like Of The Week: Kate Middleton & Langan Jenkins

Fashion, Lady Like:

BMG Model Langan Jenkins and Princess-to-be Kate Middleton are both breath-taking beauties in current fashion focus. With their beautiful flowing locks, fair skin tone, and girl-next-door appeal, Langan and Kate look an awful lot alike! In fact, we ponder if these ladies could even possibly be distant cousins. 

Though that’s not the case, the resemblance between Jenkins and Middleton is uncanny. Definitely not a bad thing for either of them. 

Lookin’ good, ladies. 
[Images via Maria Peterson, Getty Images]


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Anonymous said...

The one on the left is wayyyyy hotter.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Jenkins possibly has royalty in her bloodline as well. She certainly is a "royal" beauty!

Anonymous said...

Langan is so pretty !

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