Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral In ‘The Jen Aniston Sex Tape’

Okay, so maybe it’s not an actual sex tape but that’s what Smart Water has unofficially nicknamed their latest campaign starring brand ambassador Jennifer Aniston. In attempt to take the Smart Water brand to a whole new level, Aniston has created the ultimate viral video incorporating adorable puppies, dirty dancing babies, and even a swift kick to the growing for one unlucky ginger haired fellow. 

Normally “Team Jolie,” Aniston has definitely scored some points back with us on this one. The video is HILARIOUS and has us falling in love with Jen all over again. After all, we do love the girls charm. 

Check it out: 

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sage said...

shes so cute. i cant believe you said #teamjolie! its totally about #teamaniston!! shes amazing beautiful sexy smart skinny and everything a man wants.

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