Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year, A New Start: 2011

For 2011, we have three simple words for you: Make It Happen.

Take that trip.
Loose that weight.
Ditch that nasty habit.
Save more money.
Pop that question.
Have that baby.
Make that career change.
Approach that crush.
Ditch that lingering ex lover.
Laugh more.
Stress less.
Join that college.
Say ‘no’ more often.
Join that gym.
Buy that dress.
Tell that person.

And the list goes on. Whatever your 2011 resolutions may be, Make It Happen! You owe it to your life. A new year  really is a fresh opportunity to say, “didn’t do that last year, I’m doing it this year.” So do it! It’s your year and it’s your decision. Anything you say “I’ll do it later” to, or “soon”, you won’t do. Set a date or give yourself a deadline. Make It Happen.

If you’ll be drinking tonight, be safe! Any alcohol related incident is no way to start the new year. Many cities like Indianapolis are offering Free New Years Eve cab rides so check your local listing or surf the web to find the best ways of making your New Years celebration as safe as possible.

Cheers to a brilliant 2011, friends! xss

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