Sunday, November 7, 2010

Walking In The Air: The Amazing Art of Li Wei

We find it hard to believe that these images were taken from actual events but accordingly to the Telepgrah UK, they are indeed real. Unbelievable but real.  

Dangerously hanging from buildings, bridges, and a wide array of architectural structures, artist Lie Wei creates uncanny photos of himself and his cronies in suspended incredulity and sense of vertigo — all in the name of art and expression. Utilizing his incredible acrobatic skills which he has achieved through his years of martial arts, the images are very real in every sense, and not photoshopped.

The staged fantasies take as much as 6 months to set up, requiring massive crews to organize props including smoke, mirrors, cranes, and carefully hidden thin steel wires tied on his ankles to hold himself up. After the shots are taken, Li removes any lingering traces of wires by computer.

[Images via WENN; Source: Telegraph UK]

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