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Fashion Forward: Musician Richie Stringini Talks Fashion

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As front man of one of Europe's most successful music groups, US5's Richie Stringini has come to know a thing or two about fashion. After touring the world with his internationally famed pop group US5, Richie takes some down time in Chicago, IL. and opens up about his take on fashion.

Artist Interview > Richie Stringini:

SS: It’s fall now in the United States – what are some of your favorite fall fashion items?

RS: I'm really big on scarf's and mittens. I like long chunky scarf's. Boots are always great.

SS: When it comes to cold weather, are you more about keeping warm [no matter how you look] or do you put looking fashionable first? 

RS: To be honest, I'm all about fasion first. ;) I'm not really into big heavy jackets. I'm not super tall, so throwing me in a fatty jacket kind of takes away the length that I have. HA! Unless it's super cold - which here in Chi-town winters are real rough, I will stay warm in a long jacket or maybe some fur around the collar - Fo fur of course ;)

SS: When it comes to performing, does a stylist dress you or are you able to dress yourself in your own “Richie Style?” 
RS: I absolutely dress my self. In the begining of US5, there was alot of styling - but through out the years I've taken charge in dressing the way I like.

SS: Are you more of a dress-me-up kind of guy or do you prefer casual? 

RS: I'm constantly changing my look, some days I'll be in baggy sweats and a flannel, and other days I'm in skinny jeans and a military style jacket. I love trying out all sorts of looks. Fancy, casual and the occasional bummy look - but always matching.

SS: What are some of your favorite items in your closet right now? 

RS: A few things I'm loving right now are a bomb Dolce and Gabbana navy blue Nehru jacket with big gold buttons - it's pretty kick ass. A pair of silver Dior kicks - My "Moon Boots", and a Polo pull over, simple yet elegant. And lastly a red and navy blue striped shirt I got at a thrift shop in town - ONLY $4...I love it :) 
SS: In a wardrobe, most people can’t afford to splurge on everything – what do you think is ok to splurge on and what is better to bargain on?

RS: I think you can find cheap sunglasses and shoes that look awesome. And if you loose sunglasses like I do, go with the cheap ones. I have a pair of Dolce military boots, but I got a pair almost identical at a second hand shop and their much cooler. I think you have to invest in jeans, and you dont need too many, just a couple of good pairs - you can mix and match um’.

SS: For our final question we’ve decided to show some love to a Richie fan. Last question is from a true, dedicated US5 fan from Canada – the sweet Karina Kurani.

Karina says, "Richie, you are so amazing and unique in all aspects – what is your inspiration when it comes to your music and style?"

RS: Thank you, Karina! Musically, I love all types, Jazz- pop- rock and rap, (fun, that rymes :-) Micheal Jackson is great (musically) and I've always loved Amy Winehouse - What happened to her? I love fasion, I try not to get too caught up in it, because I'd go crazy and broke really really fast. I wear what looks good on me and what I like. To keep it simple, keep it clasic. Black and white. If I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life it would be cool dark fitted jeans, rugged heavy black boots, a white long sleeved T and a slick leather jacket.

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[Written by Chad Schubert; Images via Zimbio; Photo Credit: Maria Peterson]


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