Thursday, October 21, 2010

Buttoned-Up Shirt Collars: Women's Fashion Trend

Forget the grungy, layered-over flannel, and tuck away your baggy, open-fronted boyfriend shirt (for now). Fashion, as a fashion is wont to do, has taken a pendulum swing in the other direction, hitting on a more refined, sophisticated look. And so starting now there's only one key way to wear your shirt: buttoned up to the very top.

The brilliant thing about the done-up collar as a 2010 fashion trend is that it's simple, requires nothing all that new (feel like giving new life to all those old shirts in your wardrobe? Read on) and it's trans-seasonal: start wearing it in Summer 2010 and carry it through to Fall 2010. 
buttoned up shirt
Jenni Kayne Fall 2010
Celine Fall 2010
Celine Fall 2010
Chloe Fall 2010
Chloe Fall 2010

Love it or hate it, ladies?

[via Fashionising] 

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