Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News: Single Mother Of Six Delivers Octuplets

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The word heard around the world is “octuplets.” Yes, and the first word that comes to mind is “CRAZY!"

Single mother, Nadya Suleman, wasn't satisfied with her half a dozen children she was already struggling to support. No, she went on to have eight more little bundles of joy. Except when you're a single 33-year-old mother living with your parents and not working, it's hard to find any joy in any of this. According to reports, Nadya's mother - who supports Nadya and the six current children - will lose her house in the next couple months to the government for lack of payment and actually owes the government 20-sum thousand bucks!

Sad sad sad. 

If you would like to help the family, you can visit and donate money, clothing, etc. They all are really adorable and deserve a good life. 

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