Saturday, February 16, 2008

has it been a year arleady...?

it's been a year since the hot & sexy anna nicole smith does time fly. it seems like just yesterday. although i can't really say that i was a fan, she was hot and you couldn't help but to watch and love her. she portrayed herself to be rather stupid, but if you ask me...she was one hell of a smart woman. she knew exactly what she wanted from her life and she got it...FAME. she came from a crap ass town and from a crap ass family...but fame is exaclty what she got. she did it without the old fashion long ass way, audition after audition. anna nicole forced herself into the spot light and as the constant center of attention. so hats off to anna nicole...she had a rough life but obtained all that she had ever wanted. rest in peace babe.


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