Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Conqured Germany And Much More:

So me and the sister, Jessica "Tweezer" Reller, made a recent trip to Germany to visit family that we've unfortunately never met before. It was by far the greatest thing we could have done! We feel very completed after it all. Totally good for the soul. Always go see that family. Most of them didn't speak a lick of english so we basically got to sit and stare at eachother most of the time but...at least we had that, ey? There were SOO many pictures from that crazzzzy trip, I swear sister must have taken 1000...I wish I could share them all but you wouldn't wanna see all that anyway... it was GREAT though! We're planning out next trip...maybe JAPAN or KOREA! Now that will be an adventure.

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Thanks Germany and Spain you were gorgeous the whole time...LOOK OUT ASIANS! The Relski/Broksi team are plotting! aha!

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